Skywings magazine advertising info 2018

Skywings is distributed by direct mail to every known hang glider, paraglider, paramotor and powered hang glider pilot in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and by subscription to other pilots and organisations around the world. Average monthly print run is 7,500. Skywings is the only British magazine dedicated to free-flying. Every copy we print goes to a private subscriber, flight school or business.

There are four ways in which to advertise in Skywings magazine:
1. display advertising (in the main editorial pages of the magazine)
2. classified display advertising (in one of six classifications near the back of the magazine)
3. classified lineage advertising (for the sales of items by private individuals only)
4. pre-printed loose inserts (printed brochure/catalogue distributed with the magazine)

Advertising rates & series discounts - display ads (editorial section)
Rates quoted do not include VAT which should be added at 20%.

Double page
Full page
½ page
1 month
2 months
3 months
4 months
5 months
6 months
7 months
8 months
9 months
10 months
11 months
12 months

Important note: the above rates are for the purchase of advertising space only.
The supply of suitable artwork by the copy deadline is the advertisers responsibility.

Inside front cover 15%
Outside back cover 15%
Early right-hand page 5%
Guaranteed facing matter 5%
Early right facing matter 10%
Solus on spread 15%

Note: Special position bookings are on a first come first served basis.

Advertising rates - classified display ads
All rates quoted do not include VAT which should be added at 20%.

4 column centimetre (44mm square): £29.40 (minimum space booking)
per additional column centimetre: £7.35

Classified display ad series booking discounts
3 months: -5%
6 months: -7.5%
9 months: -10%
12 months: -15%

Advertising rates - classified lineage ads
Private classified adverts (max 30 words): £10 for BHPA members and Skywings subscribers. £20 for non members (includes VAT @ 20%).

Physical dimensions - display adverts

Page size A4
297 x 210
+3 to all edges
Text area (full page)
268 x 188
Bleed size
303 x 213
Half page vertical.
268 x 92
Bleed size
303 x 107
Half page landscape
129 x 188
Bleed size
149 x 213
Third page vertical
268 x 60
Bleed size
303 x 75
Third page landscape
87 x 188
Quarter page portrait
134 x 92
Quarter page landscape
63 x 188
Eighth page landscape
63 x 92
Sixteenth landscape
28 x 92


1. Bookings, cancellations and amendments to bookings to be made by the 10th day of the month prior to publication (eg: 10th of June for the July edition).
2. Copy (images, graphics and text etc) must be supplied by the 17th of the month prior to publication (eg: 17th of June for the July edition).
3. Classified lineage ads close on the 17th of the month prior to publication (eg: 17th of June for the July edition).
4. Pre-printed loose inserts - 19th day of the month before publication. To be supplied directly to our mailing house, with one copy sent to the editor (PDF by e-mail is fine) by the same deadline.

Supplying copy or artwork

Skywings Magazine uses a Quark Xpress to PDF and postscript rip workflow. We accept suitable artwork supplied as either high quality JPEG or PDF files for imposition into our Quark Xpress layouts, to the following specification: bitmap images at 300dpi (at the appropriate physical size) in CMYK colour, PDF files must have all fonts and graphics securely embedded with any transparent background layers flattened. Please do not supply files with a transparent background. If in doubt, contact us on 07624 413737 or e-mail: . We are happy to help and will do our best to accommodate your requests, but we cannot guarantee your files will reproduce successfully if supplied in any other format than those listed above.

Note: Skywings Magazine, The BHPA or Fargher Design Ltd will not be held responsible for unexpected or unintended reproduction results relating to artwork supplied by a third party. Any agreement entered into with Fargher Design Ltd or other agency to supply artwork is an entirely separate agreement to the sale of advertising space in Skywings magazine.

Supplying copy only (text & images)

You can supply text, photos and graphics, etc by e-mail. Make sure that any attached image files you send are at 300dpi at physical size in JPEG format. If in doubt, contact us on 07624 413737 or e-mail:

Advertising - loose inserts (UK distribution only)
For an illustration of costs, we will need to know the size, weight, format and number of inserts you wish to distribute. Please contact us to discuss.

Important notes for loose inserts:

1. All copy printed on the inserts must be approved by the BHPA before the 19th day of the month prior to publication. All inserts are governed by our conditions of acceptance.
2. All inserts must be supplied no larger than A4, otherwise we reserve the right to fold as necessary and charge extra accordingly.
3. We reserve the right to refuse any insert which is uneconomic for postage reasons.
4. Inserts must be delivered to the printers or mailing house by the specified date.

Payment (commercial advertisers)

Unless otherwise arranged with Fargher Design Ltd, all valid bookings must be accompanied by payment. This can be made by payment card or Paypal account via this website, or by bank transfer to the following account:

Bank: Lloyds
Branch: Isle of Man
Address: Victory House, Prospect Hill, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1AH, British Isles.
Account name: Fargher Design Limited
Account number: 02899327
Sort code: 30 12 80

Swift code: LOYD GB 2L
IBAN: GB29 LOYD 3012 8002 8993 27

Conditions of acceptance
All publicity advertising the sale or hire of new and used aircraft or the training of pilots must conform to the BHPA's terms & conditions of acceptance as set out in the latest edition of the printed magazine and reproduced on this web site. Advertisements must not be misleading, untruthful or indecent. The publisher (BHPA Ltd) reserves the right to withdraw any advertisement it deems to be unsuitable for publication.
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